Welcome to Byala on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the Byala Vista Cliff Residence, a five star residential development under construction in spectacular settings on the shoreline of Byala.  Located almost exactly on the middle of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, Byala is famous for its mostly secluded white sandy beaches and beautiful lagoons.
Inland Byala is surrounded by forests and vineyards (the “Dimiyat” white wine is a local produce known to some) and meets the last hills of the Balkan Mountain range 6 kilometres to the South.  The combination of mountain scenery and un-paralleled sea views makes this area truly unique.

The small idyllic village of Byala  (population 2,500) is known for its thriving wine industry  and is becoming a much sought after residential area and a World Class tourist destination.  The international airports in Varna and Bourgas are at a comfortable, yet convenient distance of 50 and 80 km respectively.